Certified Pre-Owned Leica Ball Head 38

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The unique functions of the Ball Head 38 for a tripod makes this piece truly stand out above the rest. With the press of the TILT-button, it turns into a tilting video head that can be moved in a 2-way tilting motion while resting on a level plane. In the panorama function, the Ball Head is locked in place at 15-degree intervals, granting you simple and flawless 360-degree recordings. The Ball Head is soft and smooth thanks to its brass sliding properties. With the ability to carry up to 24 kg / 52.9 lbs, this Ball Head has truly earned the right to its title, "Made in Germany."

Optional Accessories

For the Ball Heads 24 and 38, an additional removable disc triple pack is available. The removable discs are some of the world's smallest camera discs, perfectly attuned to the Ball Heads 24 and 38 in combination with the Leica Travel Tripod. Each disc is made of the highest-strength aluminum, and the large supporting surface guarantees secure hold. Now you don't have to unscrew the quick release plate each time you switch your camera.

Leica product code 14114

This Certified Pre-Owned ball head is clean and ready for work.  There are some faint scuffs that are barely visible on the body.  With the right adjustment, the ball moves smooth with just enough tension to keep the mounted camera from flopping around.  This is a great size ball head to fit any travel photographer.

Includes the box, instructions and camera mounting plate.

S/N U141140001

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