Komaru Colors Aluminum Soft Release - Bordeaux Edition



No Longer Available

Discontinued - Available while supplies last

The Komaru is a specific alloy that's particularly well-suited to anodization and is guaranteed to provide long-lasting mechanical strength while remaining very lightweight. Anodization (tinted, in the case of Komaru Colors) increases its resistance to corrosion and therefore protects it from transpiration deposited on the soft release button. Beautifully silky to the touch, the anodized aluminum means users of Komaru Colors will find the release as enjoyable as that of Komaru Titanium. 

All of the advantages of the dual contour
The innovative dual contour of Komaru soft release has already won over hundreds of photographers. Both convex on the outside and concave in the center, it makes it easier for the finger to naturally find the center and improves stability at release, even when hurried. The short conical thread of Komaru Colors soft release is compatible with all bodies, old or new, such as the latest Leica models. 

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