Leica S Right Angle Finder



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A new product manufactured by M. Leibfritz in Germany, the Leica S Right Angle Finder mounts to your Leica S or Leica S2 camera to provide right-angle viewing, ideal for macro photography or low-mounted camera work. This product also features a built-in 2x magnifier; flip a switch to toggle between 1x and 2x magnification.

The finder rotates 360 degrees to make for easy viewing no matter how your camera is positioned, and the 2x magnification allows for precise focus adjustment. Additionally, the finder has a built-in focusing mechanism to account for users who need diopter adjustment. 

The viewfinder is made from solid metal and has a removable rubber eyecup. It attaches to the camera via the hot shoe; please be aware that with the use of this finder, hot-shoe mounted accessories such as a flash or radio trigger cannot be used.

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