LFI 4/2014 May/June

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  • Agenda: Leitz Park. 100 years, 100 pictures! Leica Camera AG opens its impressive new headquarters in Wetzlar with the 10 × 10 exhibition.
  • Portfolio: En passant. From Sunset Boulevard to Broadway, from Los Angeles to New York: Sarah Lee photographed pedestrians on the walkways of America’s big cities.
  • Reportage: In Dead Earnest. From school to the front lines: Colombian guerrilla groups train youths to become soldiers. A reportage about children and Kalashnikovs.
  • Project: Landscapes Flashing By. Relax and enjoy the ride: Peer Kugler’s unusual type of landscape photography is a homage to travel and the beauty of nature.
  • Leica World: The Leica T. Touchscreen with Leica virtues: With the new and and unusual Model T design, Leica is opening up new avenues. Its modernfeatures are trendsetters, but it remains in the tradition of the Leica family.
  • Leica World: The S drone. Using cameras on, so called, drones, is becoming increasing popular. René Staud applies this methodology to his automobile photography.
  • My Lens: It also captures the tiny details around the edges: this is why Kosuke Okahara prefers to work with the Elmarit-M 24mm f/2.8.
  • Theme: X-Contest. The Chips have fallen: Grace Law, Raphael Alves, Kin Wing (Edas) Wong and Osley Perez are the winners of the Me & My Leica X Photo Contest.
  • Reportage: Living XXL-Style. The Corviale, an innovative housing concept built near Rome in the mid seventies, with a bad reputation that precedes it. Its residents fight against prejudice.
  • Leica Classics: Eye of the Century. “To photograph is putting the head, the eye and the heart in the same line of vision,” said Henri Cartier-Bresson, talking about his work method. A portrait.

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