Leica Photo Adventure: Iceland | Aug 13 - 22, 2019


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  • Join Leica Store Miami for a photographic adventure to the Highlands and the South Coast of Iceland. Our own David Farkas went to Iceland in 2015 to review the Leica S (Typ 007) and we've built on his experience by offering this amazing photography trip that takes in the very best that the land of ice and fire has to offer. You’ll be whisked away in a modified 4X4 super-duty motorcoach (with an onboard bathroom, and kitchen) to the heart of Iceland’s remote Highlands and the majestic South Coast, where you’ll be surrounded by endless natural beauty. Leica experts David Farkas and Peter Dooling from Leica Store Miami, along with an expert local photographer and guide, will be on hand to give assistance and advice as you photograph Iceland’s iconic landscapes.

    Pack your camera and prepare for the journey of a lifetime, as we venture out into the wilderness to explore Kerlingarfjöll, Landmannalaugar, Jökulsárlón and beyond.

    Video from our August 2017 Leica Photo Adventure in Iceland.

    While other cameras are certainly allowed on this trip, the focus is on Leica camera systems and learning how to use them to their full potential. Current owners as well as those wanting to try Leica gear out for a week of real shooting are encouraged to attend. We’ll share our favorite tips and tricks so you can get the most out of this exceptional gear.

    Why this trip is different

    This is not a workshop where you spend most of your daylight shooting hours sitting in a classroom. Why travel to some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations just to be stuck indoors? Instead, we will focus on making the most of each and every day to capture as many great photo opportunities as we can.

    What to Expect

    This is primarily a photography trip. We will be shooting some days from before sunrise until after sunset. We will be covering a fair amount of ground each day with many stops along the way to get out, explore and shoot. At each destination, there will be plenty of time to set up your tripod, compose your shots and get in some quality photography.

  • Dates:

    Tuesday, August 13 - Thursday, August 22, 2019


    $6,995 - Double occupancy lodging (Single room available for $900)


    Limited to 12 attendees

    Included in the cost of the trip:

    • Double occupancy lodging (Single room available for $900)
    • All meals except snacks and alcohol
    • Ground transportation in modified 4x4 super-duty motorcoach
    • FlyBus ground transportation tickets to and from KEF Airport
    • In-the-field photography instruction
    • Adobe Lightroom post processing instruction
    • Use of loaner Leica S, SL and M equipment
    • A 30"x40" Giclee custom print from Dale Laboratories

    Signing Up

    To sign up for the photo adventure, call 305-921-4433, email us (workshops@leicastoremiami.com) or checkout here on our website. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

    We look forward to seeing you in Iceland!

  • Itinerary

    Day 1 - Arrival
    You will arrive, as all visitors to Iceland inevitably do, via Keflavik International Airport. From there a quick Flybus trip will take you into the center of Reykjavik. We will meet at 6pm in your hotel lobby, before heading out to enjoy some local food. We’ll spend the evening getting to know each other, and will take a closer look at the itinerary and adventure to come. We will spend the night in Reykjavik and rest well for the morning.

    The Sun VoyagerThe Sun Voyager

    Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik

    Harpa concert hall in Reykjavik

    Day 2-3 - Hveravellir Geothermals, the Kerlingarfjoll Mountains & Gygjarfoss

    Day two represents the official beginning of our photo tour. We will start things off by leaving Iceland’s capital city and heading into the heart of the country. The day’s highlights will include photographing the mystical mountains of Kerlingarfjoll, which are made of rhyolite and appear to glow different shades of red and yellow depending on the light conditions. The group will also visit the nearby geothermal area of Hveravellir, where we will encounter natural hot springs, smoking fumaroles and multi-coloured sinters. The nearby waterfall of Gygjarfoss fall thunderously into the Jokulhvisl river, with epic, snow-tipped mountains looming on an imposing horizon.Accommodation for the night will be in the Kerlingarfjoll area.




    Days 4-5 - Landmannalaugar, Veidivotn Area & the Valley of Tears
    On day three we’ll leave Kerlingarfjoll and head south towards Landmannalaugar, a stunning, mountainous area in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve only accessible via 4x4. There we’ll photograph yet more rhyolite peaks, the area’s black lava fields and the mighty Hekla volcano that stands a little to the west. Although Hekla is an active volcano with a pretty ominous nickname (“Gateway to Hell”) the area’s multi-coloured mountains and barren landscapes make it a photographer’s wonderland. Our professional photo guides will talk you through everything you need to perfectly capture the many contrasting shapes, colours and textures.

    The plan is to explore Landmannalaugar for a full three days, taking in sights such as the crater lake of Blahylur, the waterfalls of Haifoss and Hjalparfoss, and the lake of Frostastadavatn. The magical crater lakes of Blahylur and Ljotipollur in Veidivotn are easily two of Iceland’s best kept secrets. Despite translating as “The Blue Puddle“ and “The Ugly Puddle” respectively, they are both a whole lot more breathtaking than their names suggest! Especially impressive is Ljotipollur, with its red sand slopes giving way to a cool blue pool. We spend plenty of time photographing the Haifoss waterfall. It’s known as “The Tall Falls” and is Iceland’s second-highest, with a torrent of water cascading down from a height of 122 meters. Haifoss falls down into a deep gorge on the Thjorsa glacier river, so there are plenty of spectacular angles, along with a watery haze, that we can use to create a perfect composition.

    Another waterfall to discover in this part of Iceland’s highlands is the Hjalparfoss on the river Fossa. The unique, twin basalt structure means that the river is split into two for a matter of seconds before falling into a calm oasis. The whitewash of the falls gives a fantastic splash effect for our photographs, with the (hopefully) blue sky and rolling hills offering a wonderful backdrop. We will also get the chance to visit the highland region of Landmannalaugar. This area is one of the most popular and photogenic resorts in Iceland, with hot springs, natural baths, glittering rhyolite mountains, rock formations, lava fields and rich vegetation. We will take our time photographing the vast array of scenes, and there will be two specific visits that we will make to some of the famous local sites. The first is the ridge over Frostastadavatn lake, which offers wondrous views of the water and surrounding landscape. The second is Sigoldugljufur canyon, where countless waterfalls meet and fall together down the cliffs and into the river below.

    All that photography is hard work, so we’ll make sure there’s time for a visit to Landmannalaugar’s natural baths. Accommodation in Hotel Highlands. 



    Day 6 - South Fjallabak Highlands
    On the sixth day of our Icelandic highlands adventure, the group will head along the South Fjallabak highland route to the north of Myrdalsjokull glacier. The ice cap covers the active volcano Katla, and as you might expect we will encounter a diverse volcanic landscape with plenty of opportunities for great photography.

    Among our subjects will be the otherworldly black lava sands, the deformed lava statues that have stood for thousands of years, and the imposing mountain of Oldufell. With the right light and weather conditions, Oldufell’s cone-shape and the green valleys at its base look like something out of a fairytale.

    Our next stop will be the Axlarfoss waterfall, which pours over basalt columns into the Holmsa river. A photogenic contrast here is provided by the vivid green landscape and the volcanic cliffs that jut to either side of the falls.

    The final stop on day six will be a quick exploration of the world’s largest volcanic canyon, Eldgja. To gaze down the canyon is almost to see the world itself splitting into two pieces. The canyon is 600m wide and 270m deep, stretching from the Myrdalsjokull glacier to peak of Gjatindur. Accommodation: Kirkjubæjarklaustur.


    Day 7 - Vatnajökull National Park

    Day seven will begin with another incredible Icelandic canyon: Fjadrargljufur may not be as deep or as wide as Eldgja, but the spectacular rock formations that run along its border make it an irresistible subject for landscape photography.

    After, the tour will head further east to the mystical Vatnajokull National Park. Here we will skirt the boundaries of volcanoes and glaciers, taking in the natural wonders of Skaftafell and visiting the Svartifoss Waterfall. Svartifoss is known as the “Black Falls”, which will make more sense as we get closer to the dark, foreboding stone columns that surround it. Accommodation: Vatnajokull National Park

    Svartifoss waterfall

    Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafell

    Fjadrargljufur Canyon

    Fjadrargljufur Canyon

    Day 8 - Vatnajökull National Park & Jokulsarlon Ice Beach
    On day eight we have one simple mission: to see and capture as much of the Vatnajokull National Park as possible. Unsurprisingly, the park is one of Iceland’s most photographed places. This is largely because of the interplay between ice and fire that has become the country’s trademark. On the one hand you have enormous glaciers and monumental mountains, while ground level is populated with slender blue rivers, ice caves, lush valleys, and black sand beaches.

    Having said that, for the majority of today we will target the park’s most famous attraction: the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon. We will stroll along the beach famed for its black sand and the ice crystals that wash up on the shore, and capture the interplay between light, dark, ice and water. After a visit to the lagoon, the group will turn east to Stokksnes Beach. There we will photograph the rugged peaks of Mt. Vestrahorn, which appears to emerge from the Atlantic Ocean itself. Accommodation: Vatnajokull National Park.

    Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

    Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland

    vestrahorn in stokness

    Vestrahorn in Stokness

    Vestrahorn in Stokness

    Day 9 - South Coast
    Day nine will mark the beginning of our journey back toward the capital. We will drive along Iceland’s picturesque south coast, which is dotted with dramatic shorelines, (more) impressive waterfalls and rock formations sculpted by time and the elements. The south coast is full of engaging scenery and photographic opportunities, so we will choose our locations according to the preferences of the group, the conditions and the time we have available. Accommodation: Reykjavik.


    Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

    Skógafoss waterfall

    Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

    Day 10 - Departure
    On day ten we will wake in Reykjavik and say our goodbyes. You will then take the FlyBus back from your hotel to Keflavik International Airport, laden with memories, photographs, and photography tips from an unforgettable adventure. 

    Grotta Lighthouse in Reykjavik

    Grotta Lighthouse in Reykjavik

    Reykjavik Harbor

  • Payment

    Withdrawal and Refund Policy

    Enrollment is limited to 12 participants, and once you sign up, we are counting on your attendance. If you need to withdraw from this workshop, please notify us in writing (email is acceptable) as soon as possible. This is our refund policy:

    If you cancel and we find someone to fill your seat, we will refund you the full amount you have paid towards the tuition, minus a $250 service charge. If you cancel and we cannot find someone to fill your seat, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule:

    At least 90 days before the start of the workshop: Full refund minus $250 service fee.
    Between 89 and 60 days before the start of the workshop: 75% refund
    Between 59 and 45 days before the start of the workshop: 50% refund
    Less than 45 days from the start of the workshop: No refund

    Course Cancellation and Other Terms

    Leica Store Miami reserves the right to cancel a reservation if full payment has not been received by 90 days prior to the start of the workshop.
    In the event that this workshop must be canceled due to inadequate enrollment, all fees and deposits will be refunded in full or may be transferred to another workshop within 24 months.
    In the unlikely event of illness, accident or injury to one of the instructors, Leica Store Miami reserves the right to replace that instructor with a comparable instructor.

    Travel Insurance

    Leica Store Miami is not responsible for cancellations due to medical  or personal emergencies so we highly recommend purchasing travel Insurance. Companies like Travelex and Allianz Global Assistance are reputable but you can choose any vendor you like. Just make sure that they have an A+ rating from the BBB. Travel insurance generally costs 5-7% of your total trip cost. Leica Store Miami is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation.


    If for any reason you wish to transfer your deposit or workshop fee, please notify us by email. You must register and complete a new workshop within 24 months of the withdrawal. We reserve the right to accept or deny any transfer.

    There are no exceptions to our Cancellation and Transfer Policy.

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