Artisan & Artist* Gear Box Pro ACAM-62D Camera Body Pouch



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The most compact pouch in the Gearbox Pro series, suitable to store a single Leica M camera body.

 Alternatively, it can store chargers and cable sets. Along with the other pouches of this series (60D, 61D, 63D) it can be stacked and stored smartly, as well as used modularly. The inner is padded with a cushion material to efficiently protect the content. The inner height is designed that the zipper does not buffer the equipment when opening and closing. The ceiling mesh pocket is ideal to store small items such as SD cards. The pouch is equipped with a handle, convenient for taking it out from the bag or backpack.

  • SIZE:  W165 × H70 × D95 mm 
  • MATERIAL:  Outer Polyurethan, Inner Nylon 
  • Weight: 100 grams 
  • Color:  Black

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