Eyelead Basic Air Blower, Large, with dust filter

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The Eyelead Air Blowers have a dust filter valve at the lower end of the
Bellows. This valve prevents during the air inhalation process
Dust particles get into the interior of the Air Blower. Thus become
also no dust particles during the blowing process on the to be cleaned
Object blown. Available in 3 different sizes: S (mini), M and L.

Package content
- Air Blower M bellows
- Volume: 75ml
- Dead weight: 40g
- Maximum compressed air generated: 15kPa

Field of use:
Dry cleaning of dusty parts using compressed air

Use the air blower to power your camera and lenses
to be pre-cleaned of dirt particles and dust.

Safety instructions:
Do not keep the product in an area of
over 40 ° C, this could lead to deformation.
Keep out of the reach of children

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