Eyelead Sensor Cleaning Stick Kit for Leica

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The adhesion swab is designed for dry cleaning of the low-pass filter of
digital single lens reflex cameras. The blue head has such a high adhesive force
that this dust, particulate and oil contaminants from the low pass filter
the camera can remove. The use of the adhesion swab is an effective one
and easy type of sensor cleaning, as well as the cleaning of lenses and
other optical devices. The supplied viscose dabbing paper consists of
a coated, non-shedding colloid material, which has a higher level of adhesion
than the head of the adhesion swab. The paper is used for cleaning
The adhesion swab head is used to remove dust and other contaminants

► Easy to use: dab and you're done!
► Removes contaminants such as dust particles, oils, etc.
► Multiple use possible, as cleaning paper is included
► Highest quality standard: "Made in Germany"

Package content
Special sensor adhesion swabs
Viscose swab paper for cleaning the swab (10 pieces)
Incl. Aluminum transport and storage bag

Field of use:
Dry cleaning of the low-pass filter of digital single lens reflex cameras through the adhesive effect of the cleaning swab.

Carefully stamp the low pass filter with the adhesion swab on the places
where dust particles too
recognize are.
Clean the adhesion swab by pressing the
Dab dirt on the viscose dabbing paper

Safety instructions:
Use the viscose swab paper only once. Do not touch the head of the adhesive swab with your fingers to prevent body oils from adhering
reach the sensor.
Keep out of the reach of children!

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