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  • Portfolio: Cinéma vérité. In search of a time lost in the past: Frédéric Stucin’s poignant pictures taken for a film project. 
  • Portfolio: Sign of the Times. What is a person without a face? Susan Barnett’s expressive perspectives – photographed from behind. 
  • Homage: One Life. The photo-journalist of the century: David Douglas Duncan will be one hundred years old in January.
  • Leica world: Leica M (Typ 262). The M’s little sister is considered a pure classic: with CMOS sensor, but without video, EVF or Live View.
  • Leica world: Leica SL and Video. As a video solution, the Leica SL (Typ 601) has the potential to be able to compete with more expensive, dedicated video cameras.
  • Leica history: The last of its kind: in 1957 Leitz brought one final screw-mount Leica – the IIIg – onto the market.
  • Reportage: Twilight. The call of the ancestors: the people of Tusheti in northeastern Georgia still preserve age-old traditions.
  • Feature: Ten Disciples. Cancer patients look for healing in Tamagawa Valley – soulfully beautiful pictures by Tsutomu Yamagata.
  • Leica Classics: Freedom and Adventure. His Marlboro Man is known around the world, but Dieter Blum’s oeuvre has many other facets as well.
  • Project: Family Stories. While on maternity leave, Kata Sedlak came up with the idea of documenting the daily lives of her children.

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