Arte di Mano 120cm Extra Long Waxed Cotton Neck Strap - Black Cotton with Minerva Black Leather Accents

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Meet Arte di Mano's most flexible strap line - the `Waxed Cotton Strap`.  This strap is made from waxed cotton from Spain, tanned leather from Italy and fine thread from Germany.  The waxed strap has a beautiful lay of twist and braid making it very strong.  One leather accent sports the lizard logo that was inspired by Escher's lizard.  This logo was based on tessellation and it mean the unlimited extension by our handwork.  The second leather accent has a hand stitched point.  

The rule of fine production is very simple; if quality material meets quality works, it can make quality goods.  Trust the work by hand for the world's best quality.  Handmade by Korean Artisans.


  • 120 cm / 47 in
  • Waxed cotton braid
  • Leather accents
  • Escher inspired lizard logo
  • Steel ring attachment

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