Used E-Clypse 1.25x Viewfinder Magnifier 34mm

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E-Clypse MAGs enhance the rangefinder style of photography by preventing stray light from entering the eye when looking through the viewfinder. Stray light is not only a distraction but reduces the contrast essential to the photographer during focusing. The other eye remains free to take in the peripheral view and activity.

In addition, high-quality multi-element, multicoated optics enlarge or reduce the viewfinder image (depending on the model). The optics housing is precision made from brass and high-grade black-anodized 6061 aluminum alloy, and is threaded to accept Leica diopter lenses. The eye-cup is made of silicon rubber, which is tough, unaffected by most substances, resistant to permanent deformation, and has a very long life.

E-Clypse MAG 1.25x magnifies the viewfinder image by 25. E-Clypse MAG 1.25x increases the focusing accuracy of your Leica 25%, by magnifying the focusing patch, and makes telephoto lenses easier to use by magnifying the frame lines. When used with E-Clypse MAG 1.25x, a Leica with a 0.58x viewfinder has a magnification of 0.72x, a 0.72x viewfinder becomes 0.9x, and a 0.85x viewfinder becomes 1.06x (i.e. effectively life size).

E-Clypse MAG 1.25x works equally well whether the camera is held in portrait or landscape orientation. You can keep E-Clypse Mag 1.25x on your camera permanently – its robust design and compact shape prevent it from becoming accidentally detached or being a hindrance when your Leica M is not being used, for example when stored in your camera bag.

This E-Clypse is very clean and in excellent condition. Includes the original packaging.

S/N UEC125340003

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