Used E-Clypse .85x Viewfinder Magnifier 34mm

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E-Clypse MAGs enhance the rangefinder style of photography by preventing stray light from entering the eye when looking through the viewfinder. Stray light is not only a distraction but reduces the contrast essential to the photographer during composition. The other eye remains free to take in the peripheral view and activity.

E-Clypse MAG 0.85x works equally well whether the camera is held in portrait or landscape orientation. You can keep E-Clypse EyeCup Mag 0.85x on your camera permanently – its robust design and compact shape prevent it from becoming accidentally detached or being a hindrance when your Leica M is not being used, for example when stored in your camera bag.

At the heart of the E-Clypse MAG system is an outer 6061 aluminum alloy ring that supports the silicon rubber eyecup. Mounted inside this ring is the lens housing, constructed from brass. As well as enclosing the lens elements, this housing has precision brass threads that attach the E-Clypse MAG to the camera viewfinder.

This viewfinder magnifier is clean and in excellent condition.  The listing includes the original packaging.

S/N UEC85340001

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