Leica Sport Optics Test Drive Program

Want to speak with one of our Leica specialists? Call us at (305) 921-4433 or send an email to info@leicastoremiami.com.

Whether you are a local or out-of-state customer, Leica Store Miami is now giving you the opportunity to try out Leica Sport Optics equipment before buying to see if it meets your individual needs. We offer two types of test drives:


Complimentary 24 Hour Test Drive
Local customers have the opportunity to try out any binocular or scope for 24 hours free of charge. Pick up your test drive in-store and keep it for a full day while you try it out in the field.

Extended Test Drive (Up to 1 Week)
For those that don’t have access to a local dealer or wish to try out a specific product for longer than 24 hours, our Extended Test Drive program is a valuable service. At your convenience, we will ship* you your choice of binocular or scope so you can see, hands-on, how it works for your needs. Local customers of course have the option to pick up in-store.
The Extended Test Drive has a flat fee of $50 or $100, depending on the item, and you can keep the equipment for up to one week. If you buy any new Leica binocular or scope from Leica Store Miami within 30 days, we’ll credit this amount 100% towards your purchase!

Below is a list of items that are currently available for test drive, along with the Extended Test Drive pricing. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, call us at (305) 921-4433, as we are continually updating our test drive pool.
• Televid Spotting Scopes with 25x-50x Eyepiece - $100
For full details and to reserve your Test Drive, speak with one of our Leica specialists at (305) 921-4433 or send an email to info@leicastoremiami.com.


Test Drives are subject to availability and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make a reservation in advance to insure we have the product available for you.


*For non-local customers we offer 2nd Day Air Shipping for $25. This includes both outbound and return shipping.