Arte di Mano Aventino Half Case with Battery Door for Leica M10 - Minerva Black with White Stitching

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Improve your grip and protect your Leica M10 with this hand-crafted leather half case by Arte di Mano. Featuring a built-in grip, this half case allows you to carry the Leica M10 more comfortably and safely. It covers and protects as much of the backside of the camera as possible without interfering with camera function.The case comes with a built-in tripod mount to allow the use of a tripod without removing the case.

This design features a convenient magnetic flip-down door on the bottom of the case to easily access the battery and memory card without removing the half case.

About the Leather: Made famous by Hermes, Barenia by HAAS is a hybrid tanned French leather using both vegetable and chrome tanning processes. Although it has a matte finish, it is oily to touch and has a very smooth feel. What better way to carry your Leica T than in a half case hand made with Hermes leather?

About Arte di Mano: Arte di Mano, a brand created by JnK in Seoul, South Korea has become synonymous with quality. Their half cases for the Leica M, X, T and Q systems are made entirely by hand. Each piece of leather is carefully cut, shaped and stitched to create a flawlessly-fitting half case that improves your hold without hindering any functionality of the camera.

*Camera for illustration purpose only, not included*

**Due to the properties of the leather and the handmade nature of Arte di Mano products, each half case is unique and may vary slightly from the item pictured.**

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