Artisan & Artist* ACAM 250 Leather Strap - Black



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  • When comfort is king, but style cannot suffer, the Neckpad Strap is the happy marriage of both elements. The movable suede lined neck pad will cushion your neck from the scratches that some straps can give you. The strap is constructed entirely of pliable soft tanned glove leather. It also has a slight amount of give... this can absorb some of the energy of your camera that is bouncing up and down as you try to catch the last ferry out of whatever exotic location you find yourself. The Neckpad Strap will also care for your camera's top plate. There are leather lug protectors that prevent the steel lug rings from contacting the plate in any position.
    • Length 35.4"
    • 0.50" Wide
    • Adjustable neck pad.
    • Steal rings for secure link to camera
    • End guard flaps to protect cameras top plate from scratching.
    • For use with Leica M or X System Cameras.

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