Artisan & Artist* ACAM 9100 Canvas/Leather Camera Bag, Grey

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Featuring new and unprecedented design and materials, this bag fulfills the concept of a “Camerabag which can also be used for everyday occasions.”

The main body is made of a special fabrics, high quality Acryl canvas, used for boat shade, in a cool, gray color with enhanced water-resistant and water-repellent, UV and fade resistance properties to prevent the bag from getting dirty. While having a cosmopolitan look, this camera bag also has durability.
As a bag suitable for everyday use, parts which tend to wear off easily are strengthened with rubber, the flap (where you touch to open the bag) is made of soft Italian leather, and the zippers have our signature loop-shaped, leather strap. You will recognize the bag’s classy and user-friendly qualities every time you touch it.
Furthermore, mesh fabric is used for the back side of the bag and (removable) shoulder pads, which come in contact with the body, to disperse dampness.
With a stylish impression, it is a simple bag which you’ll never get tired of, and also suitable for everyday use.

The flap is shorter than the existing version (ACAM-7100) and has a magnet for easy storing even with one hand. The front pocket can store a long wallet, and the back pocket can be used for multiple purposes as it can easily store any item. Decorated with fine Italian leather, this bag is recommended for anyone looking for a camera bag which can also be used for everyday occasions.


WEIGHT        824g
BODY SIZE    W325×H240×D140mm
INNER SIZE   W320×H140×D100mm
MATERIAL      Acrylic, Italian Leather

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