Boop-O Soft Release - Green



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Please note, this soft release will not fit the Leica M8, M9 or M film cameras. It is designed for cameras starting with the Leica M-E and will work on all current digital M camera bodies including the M (Typ 240) and M (Typ 262).

The Boop-O Soft Release is made from solid brass, because it does not bind in threads and does not break easily – unlike some metals – eliminating the possibility of our soft releases jamming or snapping off in the shutter button. A rubberized o-ring ensures a secure fit.

The Boop-O Soft Release is manufactured to very high tolerances using computer-controlled CNC machining. Also, our soft releases are individually boxed after painting, keeping them in pristine condition until they reach you.

First, the profile of the Boop-O Soft Release has been carefully designed to release the shutter button gently and smoothly as well as for comfort. Boop-O has a dished (concave) profile, allowing you to gently press the shutter release button with the softer, padded part of your finger just before the finger tip. This is a gentler, more controlled motion than the usual downwards jab with the finger tip itself.

Secondly, soft releases from some other companies work loose because they have angled or knurled edges that catch on bags, clothing, and anything else. Boop-O Soft Release is perfectly smooth and won't catch on anything. This, in combination with their accurate computer controlled- thread cutting, means that Boop-O Soft Release will stay on your camera.

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