Personalized Photoshop Sessions with John Latimer

$150 per hour

Appointments Available

  • Personalized Photoshop Sessions with John Latimer

    Leica Store Miami is excited to offer virtual, personalized 1-on-1 Adobe Photoshop sessions with photographer/instructor John Latimer. During these remote sessions, you'll be able to address any specific questions that you might have or techniques that that you'd like to learn. From workflow, layers management, masking, color theory and editing, etc, John has seen it all. You'll even be able to share your computer screen with him so he can see exactly what's going on with your setup. If you're completely new to Photoshop, John will make sure that you have a full understanding of the program building a strong foundation for advanced editing.

    Photoshop builds on Lightroom as the next level of editing tool in the Photographer’s toolbox.  With Photoshop you can more precisely control your editing technique. This allows you to tackle even the toughest editing job or to get creative with your image interpretation. For exquisite printing, Photoshop editing takes your images to the next level.

  • Who should sign up for these sessions?
    These sessions are designed for photographers of all levels. They are meant to address any specific Photoshop questions that you may have (i.e. removing objects, using layers, advanced editing techniques and more). They are also geared towards the photographer who wants to improve their understanding of Adobe Photoshop and better incorporate it into their photography workflow. If you've never used Photoshop before, John can help you get up to speed quickly.


    Purchases are non-refundable and must be used within 30 days from the time of purchase. Scheduling will be done on a first come, first served basis in coordination with John Latimer. There will be a limited number of sessions available each week.

    What to Expect
    John will custom tailor these sessions to your needs, your interests and your pace. Unlike a group class, this teaching style is all about you. You may purchase as many sessions as you need but scheduling restrictions may apply. Topics may cover but are not limited to:

    • A general overview of Adobe Photoshop
    • Workflow
    • Layer Managment
    • Removing Objects
    • Retouching
    • Masking
    • Cloning
    • Brush styles
    • Object selection tools
    • Content Aware Fill
    • Advanced Sharpening Techniques
    • Lens Blur
    • Transform Warp
    • Soft Proofing
    • Color Theory

    Questions about the 1-on-1 sessions

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 305-921-4433 or send us an email. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

  • About John

    John Latimer is a photographer and print maker who has been teaching photography as a professor at various institutions including Rochester Institute of Technology, Appalachian State University, and College of DuPage for the last 18 years. He is the principal instructor of Leica Store Miami's Lightroom for Leica Boot Camp series. John’s clients have included Bloomingdale’s, The British Museum of Art at Yale University, The George Eastman House, Jerry Uelsmann, Maggie Taylor, Carl Chiarenza and other nationally recognized photographers. His personal work is in the permanent collection of the South East Museum of Photography. John resides in the mountains of Boone, NC with his wife and dogs. Beyond photography, John’s other interests include travel and cooking/food.

  • Testimonials

    Here is what our customers are saying about these custom sessions:

    "I am a self-taught Lightroom and Photoshop user.  Although I am usually pleased with my results, I felt I could be learning more and improving my processing.  John is an excellent teacher and listener.  He assessed my skill level to ensure we started the first lesson at an appropriate level.  He is very clear and thorough in his explanations and demonstrations of processes and techniques.  I have learned quite a bit from John and my processing shows it.  I plan to schedule more sessions." - Bryan S.

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