How to Photograph Strangers with Adam Marelli - Fri, Sat & Sun, Mar 6-8, 2015


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Do you wish you could walk up to anyone on the street and take an intimate portrait - one that connects on a human level? Do you look at photographs and wonder how the photographer was able to get so close and comfortable with the subject?

And does the craze of street photographers sneaking up on people or jamming cameras in their faces seem like complete nonsense? Don’t worry, you're not alone.

Whether it’s street photography or environmental portraiture, there is an art to photographing strangers. Join artist, photographer and explorer Adam Marelli as he shares stories from his travels around the globe and teaches you techniques that will allow you to take pictures anywhere in the world with confidence and style. He believes that when you take a genuine interest in a perfect stranger, they are often happy to welcome into their world, even if its only for 1/500th of a second.

“There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t made yet.”



Cocktail hour meet and greet
Evening presentation and inspiration by Adam about his recent body of work “Traces of a Lost Ceremony” from Japan.


Morning lecture: Tools and techniques for talking to strangers 
Afternoon shoot


Morning shoot: Little Havana
Afternoon critique and review 

About Adam:

Adam Marelli is an artist, photographer, and explorer based in New York City. He graduated from New York University and focused on sculpture and photography. Adam has held apprenticeships with a master builder (10 years) and zen monks (7 years) before opening his studio. He is a member of The Explorer’s Club AR’13. Marelli is represented by Invisible-Exports and has had his sculpture and photography exhibited internationally. He is a regular guest Artist for Leica Akademie North America and is the founder of Adam Marelli Workshops (international photography workshops) where he teaches the lost lessons of classical design. His works and writings have been featured in NY Times, GQ, Forbes, The Gothamist, Art Photo Feature, Doc! Photo, the Leica Blog, Phaidon Press and Origin Magazine. To learn more about Adam and his work, visit his website:




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