Komaru Mirror Limited Edition



Edition Sold Out

Komaru designer Patrick Borie-Duclaud is excited to introduce the new, limited edition Komaru Mirror made from stainless steel. The design of this special edition Komaru, which resembles a droplet of liquid metal, has been refined to give it a futuristic, ultra-modern look.

Each Komaru has been individually polished by a skilled craftsman to give it a flawless shine, much like the components inside a watch.

Its physical design is identical to that of the previous models.

Komaru enjoys the innovative dual contour that has already won over hundreds of photographers. Both convex on the outside and concave in the center, it makes it easier for the finger to naturally find the center and improves stability at release.

The short conical thread of Komaru Mirror is compatible with all bodies, old or new, including the latest Leica models.

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