Komaru Polished Brass Limited Edition

Limited to 250 Pieces Worldwide



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This limited-edition Komaru has been machined to precision from a brass block, then hand polished to give it a golden sheen and a perfectly finished surface.

A layer of Renaissance micro-crystalline wax has been applied to the Komaru Polished Brass Limited Edition to prevent it from oxidizing. Created in the 50s by the British Museum, this wax is used the world over to protect works of art and also to care for valuable objects.

The Komaru Polished Brass Limited Edition will come with a microfiber cloth that has been ecologically produced using recycled PET plastic bottles. This white microfiber cloth is embossed with the Komaru logo.

It’s up to you whether you let the brass Komaru form a patina as you would with a Leica or whether you treat it regularly to keep it looking new.

It includes the innovative dual contour which has already won over thousands of photographers. Both convex on the outside and concave in the center, it makes it easier for the finger to naturally find the center and improves stability at release.

The conical screw on the Komaru Polished Brass Limited Edition is compatible with all Leica models, old or new, and most cameras fitted with a soft-release screw thread.

Edition limited to 250 worldwide.

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