Leica Lounge with Juan Jose Reyes | Thurs, May 5, 2016 | 7pm - 8:30pm

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Join us in the Leica Lounge on Thursday, May 5, 2016 with street photographer Juan Jose Reyes. Juan will be discussing street photography, its history and its importance in photography today.

Says Reyes, "Street photography is not the same as photographing in the streets. What’s the difference? Are there different levels or types of street photography? Why are some images better than others? The genre of street photography has experienced a renaissance over the last several years. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that everyone has a camera all the time but most importantly, it’s because street photography has the potential to reveal a lot of the really amazing moments constantly happening in the daily, seemingly boring routine of life, if only we would pay attention. Street photography is simply about being present and paying attention to life. Gestures, emotions, colors, light, they are all around us every day. We don't have to travel to an exotic destination when the grocery store, the train or even the office will do.
And just like life, street photography is imperfect, difficult, frustrating and at the same time very rewarding."

The Leica Lounge is a lecture series hosted by Leica Store Miami which features presentations by local members of the photographers, editors, gallerists and educators. Held monthly, these free events are designed to create and inspire the local photography community through sharing images and exchanging ideas.

The Leica Lounge is kindly sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. Participants will be able to sample some of their amazing craft beers during the event. Brooklyn Brewery is one of the largest craft breweries in the United States, producing a portfolio of traditional and experimental beers sure to impress any beer drinker.

About Juan : 

Juan Jose Reyes is the founder and executive director of the Miami Street Photography Festival. He started shooting street photography after taking workshops with Alex Webb and Jay Maisel in 2009. He also developed “street smarts" directly from shooting with Bruce Gilden in the streets of in Miami. As director of MSPF he oversees the judging of the  largest street photography contest in the world with thousands of entries every year. MSPF an international photography festival  showcasing the best of contemporary Street Photography viewed through the eyes of emerging photographers in this genre. The goal of the Festival is to establish a global platform for learning through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other events. To learn more about the festival, visit: http://www.miamistreetphotographyfestival.org/

Juan is a also writes the street photography blog, Out for A Walk.








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