Leica Lounge with Ralph Ventura | Thurs, Feb 1, 2018 | 7pm - 8:30pm

Free Event

Join us in the Leica Lounge on Thursday, February 1, 2018 with Miami photographer Ralph Ventura. Ralph will give a presentation on street and scenic photography in Cuba with presentation of several bodies of work from Havana and Santiago de Las Vegas, Cuba. 

The Leica Lounge is a lecture series hosted by Leica Store Miami which features presentations by local photographers, editors, gallerists and educators. Held monthly, these free events are designed to create and inspire the local photography community through sharing images and exchanging ideas.

The Leica Lounge is kindly sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery. Participants will be able to sample some of their amazing craft beers during the event. Brooklyn Brewery is one of the largest craft breweries in the United States, producing a portfolio of traditional and experimental beers sure to impress any beer drinker.

About Ralph:

Born in Havana and raised in Chicago and Miami, Ralph Ventura is an attorney and a fine-art and documentary photographer. He has served on the board of the Bakehouse Art Complex for four year, two as its vice-president was a resident artist at the Bakehouse for three years, and has been exhibited at the City Museum of New York and the Coral Gables Museum. 

Artist Statement:

It is said that most of us will never write a great novel, but that all of us will live one. It is for this reason that I photograph, to capture the ever-changing and infinitely unique pages of the novel of my life.  We exist through these novel and are similarly characters in the novels of the lives of others. I photograph this existence and bear witness to life.

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