Leica M10 Owner’s Boot Camp | Sept 21-23, 2018


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    • The Leica M10 represents the culmination of more than a decade of digital rangefinder development: it maintains Leica's classic design while incorporating cutting-edge technology and features. Thanks to its incredible image quality and versatility, there is little the M10 cannot do given the right mix of technique, practice and accompanying equipment. With that in mind, Leica Store Miami is pleased to introduce another workshop in our Boot Camp series: the Leica M10 Owner’s Boot Camp, taking place over 3 days from Friday, September 21 to Sunday, September 23, 2018 in sunny Miami, Florida.

      We will go over the entire menu in detail along with every button and switch on the camera. You will learn how to set up the M10 for your preferred style of shooting, and all of our favorite tips and tricks will be shared including the best way to work with Wi-Fi, configuring buttons and menus buttons for quick access to your most-used settings, a full overview of the M-system accessories lineup and how to use alternative lenses with adapters. There will also be lessons in rangefinder technique and best practices along with a variety of shooting exercises throughout the first two days of classroom sessions.

      This workshop is primarily geared towards M10 owners, however anyone interested in a comprehensive overview of the camera is welcome to join us. A very limited supply of loaner M10 cameras will be on hand, along with a full assortment of M-system lenses for use during our shooting sessions.

    • Friday, September 21 (Location: TBD)
      • 10am-11am: Introductions & breakfast
      • 11am-1pm: Classroom – Introduction to the Leica M10, overview of camera hardware and basic menu setup
      • 1pm-2pm: Lunch (included in workshop fee)
      • 2pm-4:30pm: Classroom – More menu overview, rangefinder technique and shooting exercises
      Saturday, September 22 (Location: TBD)
      • 9am-10am: Breakfast (included in workshop fee), Q&A
      • 10am-1pm: Classroom – menu overview & shooting exercises (part 2)
      • 1pm-2pm: Lunch (included in workshop fee)
      • 2pm-4:30pm: Customization, user profiles, Wi-Fi, alternative lenses, accessories, advanced tips and tricks, Q&A session
      Sunday, September 23
      • 9am-Noon: Photography outing in South Beach
      • Noon-1pm: Group lunch (included in workshop fee)
      • 1:30pm-4:00pm: Optional Adobe Lightroom session at Leica Store Miami
      *Please note this schedule may change slightly, but the start and end times are set.
    • Some of the topics covered will include:

      • Understanding the camera’s buttons and switches
      • Working with both M and non-M lenses (and an overview of the current M lens lineup)
      • Using live view and the Visoflex EVF
      • Detailed menu system overview
      • Setting up your M10 out of the box
      • Mastering rangefinder technique
      • Shooting in manual mode
      • Working with user profiles and custom settings
      • Updating firmware
      • Wi-Fi setup and use in the field
      • Accessories overview with tips & tricks
      • Best bags and carrying options for your M10 kit

      Recommend Items to Bring:

      • Leica M10 kit (including any lenses, adapters and accessories you may own)
      • At least one fully charged M10 battery (and charger)
      • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom
      • At least one SD memory card that you can format (will erase all photos)
    • This workshop fee is $749. Enrollment is limited to 15 participants. The workshop fee includes coffee with a light breakfast on Saturday and lunch for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with our Leica M10 Cheat Sheet and a Leica "swag bag."

      We rely on your attendance to make this workshop happen, so if for any reason you need to withdraw from this workshop please inform us no later than 60 days before (which is July 21, 2018). If you need to cancel after July 21st, your workshop fee is only refunded if we are able to fill your spot with another participant.

      For out of town visitors, we recommend flying into Miami International Airport (MIA) which is only 4.5 miles from Leica Store Miami.

      A few of our favorite area hotels are:

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