Leica SF 26 Flash, Black

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No Longer Available

  • The Leica SF 26 flash is compatible with Leica T and M System camera bodies. It incorporates a tilting flash head and constant LED light source for video recording.

    The Leica SF 26 system flash unit is the ideal choice when compact size and instantaneous readiness are needed. The SF 26 unites stylish design with the greatest possible unobtrusiveness and discretion. At the same time, the distance between the flash reflector and the camera lens is large enough to drastically reduce the red-eye effect when photographing people or animals. The unit has a maximum guide number of 20 at ISO 100 with no diffuser attached and 26 when its telephoto diffuser is attached. The angle of illumination corresponds to a range of focal lengths from 35 to 85mm and can be expanded to 26mm for wide-angle lenses and 135mm for telephoto lenses with the two diffusers provided. The flash accepts two AAA batteries. 

  • Camera TTL-function Flash exposure
    M (Typ 240, 246, 262)
    M8, M9
    X2, X-E
    X (Type 113)
    T (Typ 701)
    S (Typ 006)
    S (Typ 007)

    *Controlled in camera menus

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