Leica Silverline 8x20 Monovid w/ Case and Close-Up Lens

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  • Leica is a brand world-renowned for being synonymous with superior optical and mechanical quality, for dependability, and long life.With over a hundred years experience, they've been led to a worldwide leading position where every Leica product is individually manufactured - by hand. Both optical and mechanical compents are subjects to stringent quality standards, packaged and delivered to you - in Leica's unmistakable elegance and classic design.

    Leica Monovid Silverline 8x20 Monocular

    The new Leica Silverline 8x20 Monocular reveals every detail of every performance - allowing you to notice even the most minute of details. Revealing the previously unnoticed, the Silverline monocular is small and lightweight, fitting in any pocket. Once you experience the incredible insight it has to offer, you'll never go anywhere without it.

    Fine, Elegant Details

    The Leica Silverline 8x20 Monocular is an extraordinary companion for viewing. Imagine yourself in an auditorium, with the rich sounds of an orchestra's strings enveloping you. The brass section fills the room, giving you goosebumps. With the Leica Silverline 8x20 Monocular, you're mesmerized by the conductor, able to sense the passion and concentration in every movement and gesture.

    Beautifully Engineered

    The Silverline monocular by Leica features 8-times magnification, bringing you right up against the wood grain on the violins. It also offers a close-up lens for detailed observation of objects at close range (25 to 30 cm).

    Elegantly Packaged

    Leica Silverline owners are certain they will have the perfect view - and be incredible stylish while they do! Its extremely compact size, versatility, and weight of only 112 g (under 6 oz) makes it an ideal companion - and can be right at your fingertips whenever, wherever.
  • Magnification
    8 x
    Front lens diameter
    20 mm
    Exit pupil
    2.5 mm
    Twilight factor
    Field of view at 1,000 m
    110 m
    15 mm
    Objective angle of view
    Close focusing distance
    approx. 1.8 m
    Close focusing distance
    with close focus lens
    25–30 cm
    Eyepieces for eyeglass
    Sliding eyecups
    Internal focusing via central focusing knob
    Coatings : on lenses
    High Durable Coating (HDC™) and AquaDura coating on outer lens (not on close focus lens)
    Coatings : on prisms
    Roof prism with phase correction coating P40
    Prism system
    Roof prism
    watertight to a depth of 5 m/16.5 ft
    Aluminium, nitrogen filled
    Thread of close focus lens
    M25 x 0.75
    Dimensions: Length
    97.9 mm

    Dimensions: Length with close focus lens

    105 mm

    Dimensions: diameter
    35.5 mm
    approx. 112 g Monokular
    approx. 14 g Close focus lens

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