LFI 05/2017 July/August

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  • Opus Magnum: 70 Years Magnum Photos. If anything deserves to be called ‘legendary’, then it is the photo agency that was founded in Paris in 1947
  • Tomaso Baldessarini: 28 Millimetre .Most of the time he photographs in the studio – but with the Leica Q Baldessarini hit the streets of Manhattan

  • Danny Wilcox Frazier: Till Death Do Us Part. Nearly 60 percent of the Nebraska voters decided for Donald Trump. A photo reportage from Middle America

  • Fred Herzog: Modern Color. What is the connection between a barber shop and a red stocking? Herzog’s exemplary images answer the question

  • Bil Brown: Weimar Los Angeles. Delightfully documented or cleverly staged? Presenting a man who set forth to revolutionise fashion photography

  • Enrique Badulescu: Feast of Colours. The fashion photographer covered a body painting session organised by New York artist Vicky Steckel

  • F/STOP: Leica M10 | Macro-Adapter-M | Colour Filters

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