LFI 2/2014 February/March

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  • Talking with: Felix Krämer, Head of the Modern Art Collection at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.
  • Portfolio: Mono. From sceptic to enthusiast: how the photographer Ralph Gibson discovered digital photography at age 75 with the Leica M Monochrom.
  • Reportage: Mongolian Disco. No traces remain of Mongolia’s traditional nomad life style in down town Ulan Bator – a challenging visit for photographer Sven Zellner.
  • Project: Between the Mask. Where does the actor end and the role take over? Thomas Schweigert looks for the answer, with portraits before and after the performance.
  • Leica World: Extreme Adapting. Special lenses such as fish-eyes or tilt/shift are not available with M bayonets. We look at how they can still be adapted to the Leica M (Type 240) and what kind of photographic results can be expected.
  • Leica World: The Fake Leica. Dutch Leica dealer Duncan Meeder from Lisse and Chinese artist Liao Yibai honour the camera’s 100 year jubilee with the Fake Leica series.
  • Reportage: Hellas’s right-wingers. In 2012 the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn acquired nearly seven percent of the vote. A look at hardened party members and unsettled sympathisers.
  • Leica Classics: One Moment. The 1933 wedding present was a Leica: then came emigration. How the lawyer Fred Stein began a second career as a photographer.

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