LFI 3/2014 April

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  • Talking with: Min-Jung Jonsson, 
curator of the Fotografiska museum in Stockholm.
  • Portfolio: A Stage for the Unconscious. The fabulous world of Roger Ballen: intoxicating 
black and white pictures staged in a Johannesburg slum 
inhabited by people and animals.
  • Reportage: The Green Mile. Despite the heavy levels of radiation, nature reclaims the red zone around Fukushima. Three years after the disaster, evacuees are still living in emergency shelters.
  • Project: Fair Trade in the Caribbean. Mike Tinney accompanied a group of Slow Food activists who sailed to Grenada aboard a trading ketch, to import natural produce from the island to Great Britain.
  • Project: The Power of Reduction. With extremely reduced, square format pictures, 
the Russian photographer Ekaterina Mishchenkova 
primarily uses herself as her main subject.
  • Leica World: Image manipulation. Even documentary 
photography often gets accused of image manipulation. Are there technical means to distinguish 
between original and 
manipulated pictures?
  • Leica World: My lens. Compact and appropriate for many situations: 
Danny Wilcox Frazier has chosen the Summicron-M 35mm f/2 Asph as his 
favourite lens.
  • Leica World: Sensor formats. People are passionate about the subject of sensor formats. But there 
is no ‘right’ one: each 
format has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Reportage: Fighting for the Future. In the Ukraine the Klitschko brothers are the best 
known boxing icons. Many children and youths in the country would like to emulate their success.
  • Leica Classics: Magic Moments. Herbert List went to professional photography quite 
late in life. Influenced by the New Objectivity of the twenties, he tried to keep a distance from his subjects.

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