LFI 4/2013 May/June

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  • Talking with: Florian Ebner, head of the photography collection  of Essen’s Folkwang Museum, about new formats
  • Portfolio: American Colour. With an intuitive sense for light, colour and composition, John Lou Miles always discovers the artificial within the commonplace: a kaleidoscope of colours.
  • Reportage: World of Wire by Kai Löffelbein. Their houses are made of wire. About 130,000 people live in small cages – right in the middle of Hong Kong, one of the wealthiest cities in the world.
  • Project: Istanbul’s Labyrinth. When city districts are renovated they often lose their character – the good and the bad. Tarlabasi in Istanbul is now facing this fate. Photos by Göksin Varan.
  • Feature: Salut, Paris! A centennial rediscovery: in 1956, Peter Cornelius documented the city of Paris in colour, for the first time ever – a daring venture in its day.
  • Reportage: Wild, Wild East. Deir ez-Zur lies in eastern Syria. The radical Islamic militia Jabhat al-Nusra is currently in control of the area. Benjamin Hiller’s report from a ghost town.
  • Leica Classic: Alexander Rodchenko. Slanted perspectives, unusual frames: Alexander Rodchenko was a master of the Russian avant garde and of the Neues Sehen movement – a portrait.
  • Testing the M Video Mode: Take one: What can the M’s video mode actually do? LFI has tested the camera’s new function.
  • M Available Light: With its new CMOS  sensor and extended ISO range, the M  distinguishes itself in available light photography – a trial by fire.
  • Light Painting: LED pocket torches are the most commonly used source of light for lightpainting photography.

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