LFI 8/2015 November/December

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  • Leica SL: Shades of Grain. Fred Mortagne demonstrates the new Leica SL’s sporting abilities with wonderful skateboarding compositions taken in Los Angeles.
  • Leica SL: Nowhere in Berlin. Photographer Guy Tillim’s most recent work no longer places the motif at the forefront – he now prefers to approach it with indifference. 
  • Leica SL: Apparent Beauty. When the masks fall: Stefano Guindani tried out the new Leica SL at Milan Fashion Week. 
  • Leica world: Leica SL. The fastest autofocus among system cameras, integrated 4.4 megapixel EVF and CMOS full format sensor. 
  • Leica world: SL Lenses.The whole nine yards: three SL lenses to start with, as well as Cine Lenses and Leica R, T, M and S lenses. 
  • Leica world: SL Strategy. Talking with the product management about the development and placement of the Leica SL.
  • Reportage: Zero Line. Over twenty times longer than the Berlin Wall, yet virtually unknown: Gaël Turine documented the fortified border between India and Bangladesh. 
  • Project: Bonfire Night. Sébastien Pipo got caught up in the colourful hustle and bustle of Bonfire Night in Belfast. 
  • Leica Classics: Passion and Empathy. Claire Yaffa, renowned proponent of ‘concerned photography’ and engaged chronicler of her times – a homage to commemorate her eightieth birthday.

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