LFI M Magazine No. 1 featuring Bruce Gilden, Trent Parke, Alxe Webb & Others

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  • Essay: Welcome to the first issue of M. A short name with a clear intention: to present the works of photographers who explore the world with the Leica rangefinder system. What is the basis for the ongoing attraction of this photographic method that is so steeped in tradition? An attempted homage. 
  • Lightbox: It is that one moment when everything slips into the background. What remains is the glance – the connection that can arise between the photographer and the protagonist. Eight unforgettable examples. 
  • Bruce Gilden: Classic black and white portraits taken on the streets of New York, and new colour pictures taken in Rochester: Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden proves that he has an eye for capturing people’s peculiarities. 
  • Trent Parke: Australian Magnum photographer Trent Parke likes to stick to his home soil. While he explores, he enters into a dialogue with the country, taking pictures that reflect his own perceptions, far from the perfect post card ideal – a parallel world located somewhere between romanticism and realism. 
  • Ciril Jazbec: An expedition into a disappearing world: Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award-winner Ciril Jazbec travelled to Greenland to document the consequences of climate change in the region. 
  • Jan Grarup: It began when Muslim rebels carried out a coup against the government, then Christian militia retaliated with murder and plunder – the bloody conflict in Central Africa is escalating. Danish photographer Jan Grarup travelled to Bangui. 
  • Anton Kusters: Long fascinated by the secretive Japanese Mafia, called the Yakuza, Belgian photographer Anton Kusters relished his unique opportunity to submerge himself in the world of organized crime. For two years he developed his portrait of Japan’s crime syndicate. 
  • Alex Webb: Rochester, New York, is the home of Kodak. In 2012, the business declared bankruptcy. Magnum photographer Alex Webb headed to upstate New York to create a visual homage dedicated to the legendary Kodachrome film and the city where it was -manufactured. 
  • Photographers: An overview of all M Magazine photographers. 

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