LFI Magazine 7/2013 - October

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  • Talking With: Hamburg printer Papu Pramod Mondhe 
  • Portfolio: Marked for life. Jan Grarup photographed his Danish compatriots on tour of duty in Afghanistan. Unwilling to forget their experiences there, many have recorded them permanently as tattoos. 
  • Reportage: Angry, female, Turkish. Resistance to the felling of a few trees in Gezi Park evolved into the largest wave of protests in modern day Turkey – many women are at the front line. 
  • Project: Dream beaches. Hyper-real imagery by Belgian sociologist and photographer Pascale Delfosse reveals the absurd side to recreational activities on the sand. 
  • Leica World: Leica C. It has everything it needs to produce first class picture quality – and more: the Leica C is the perfect definition of a successful compact camera, and, what’s more, can link up to a smart phone. 
  • Leica World: Vario-Elmar. Demanding the very highest performance: the best M lenses serve to inspire the development of the X Vario lens. 
  • Reportage: Little left to lose. It is the poorest of the poor who are the hardest hit by the Greek crisis: female drug addicts sell their bodies for a few euros to finance their next fix. 
  • Leica Classics: At close range. The legendary Robert Capa would have turned 100 years old this year. LFI looks back at his life, his iconic pictures and his influence on reportage photography.

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