LFI Special Edition - 3/2012

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  • The Leica Gallery Principle.
  • Salzburg: Artistic and documentary photography determine the programme at the gallery in the city of Mozart.
  • New York: Photography is completely at home in New York City – and the Leica Gallery has been at home there for 18 years.
  • Prague: A gallery dedicated to experiential photography, with exhibitions in its own venue, but also in unusual locations.
  • Tokyo: The city’s hustle and bustle remain outside – a place of calm and reflection and rich with imagery.
  • Warsaw: Contemporary photography for all – a gallery in the middle of a busy shopping centre.
  • Paris: What happens when a long-time photographer opens a gallery? Exciting and insightful things are seen.
  • Frankfurt: For photo enthusiasts – how a traditional photography dealership is transformed into an inspiring gallery.
  • Solms & Leitz-Park: Forwards into the past – in 2013/14 the Leica Gallery in Solms will also move to the Leitz Park in Wetzlar.X

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