Lume Cube Modification Frames Dual Pack With Case



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  • Giving you the creative freedom to gel, diffuse, and modify your Lume Cube, the Modification Master Pack represents the full spectrum of creative lighting options. Magnetically mount each accessory to the Modification frame to achieve a new lighting effect. Best part it, they are all STACKABLE! Combine multiple accessories for unique lighting effects.



    • Two (2) Modification Frame
    • Four (4) CTO Warming Gels
    • Four (4) RGBY Colored Gels (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
    • Two (2) Honeycomb Grids
    • Two (2) Barn Doors
    • Two (2) Snoots
    • Two (2) Diffusion Bulbs
    • One (1) Custom Cut Foam Carrying Case

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