Novoflex Canon EOS Lens Adapter to Leica SL Body

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No Longer Available

Discontinued - Available while supplies last

With the introduction of the Novoflex SL-EOS Adapter, Leica SL users have over 30 Canon lenses to choose from and for the first time they do not need to sacrifice all electronic functionality.

Developed in cooperation with Leica, the Novoflex SL-EOS adapter supports the following functions: autofocus, automatic aperture control, AF/MF modes as well as depth of field indication. Moreover, the EXIF data for aperture and focal distance are transmitted. Image stabilization and continuous autofocus are not supported.

For the time being, around 30 EF-lenses and converters are compatible with the new adapter: prime lenses, zoom lenses as well as four tilt-/shift-lenses. Thanks to the new adapter, a great variety of high-quality EF-lenses are available for the Leica SL, which also facilitate the switch-over to the new Leica SL system.

Drawing from their long history of creating the highest quality lens adapters on the market, Novoflex also insures every SL-EOS adapter retains all the optical qualities of the lens it is adapting including, but not limited to the ability for the lens to focus to infinity.

The SL-EOS adapter is made in Memmingen, Germany and like all Novoflex products is held to the strictest of quality control standards. This result is the most seamless integration of Canon optics into a Leica system possible.

Please note that SL firmware version 2.0 or higher is required for the adapter to work properly. The adapter will not work on the Leica T.

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