Oberwerth Leather Case for Camera Battery, Black

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The “Furth” leather case is a small and useful accessory for every Oberwerth camera bag. It functions as a perfect storage option for batteries, rangefinder, mirror viewfinder, remote control or any other small accessory i.e. memory cards, eyecups etc. and can be attached to your belt or to the shoulder strap of a Freiburg camera bag. It also ensures the accessories are within easy reach and easy to access, while remaining secure from unwanted access thanks to its tight fit and discreet appearance.


  • Discreet look that matches perfectly with Oberwerth camera bags.
  • Available in black, dark brown and light brown.
  • Extra space for accessories.
  • Fits to Oberwerth “Freiburg” shoulder strap or to a belt.
  • Like all Oberwerth bags it is 100% handmade in Germany.

Item details

External dimensions:  2.3 x 2.7 x 1.18 in
Internal dimensions:  1.9 x 2.3 x .78 in

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