Phil Penman: Street, 2019

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A beautiful documentation of the ever-changing streets of New York City

The street—it’s living and breathing. Millions of lives dizzyingly moving around us as we go about our daily routines. We choose to see or not see what we want of it; though, if you really look closely, you can discover just about anything—even undercover sting operations in one of the busiest tourist traps in Times Square. But in a city like New York, it’s all too easy to miss it if you don’t stop and look around once in a while because as they say, “life moves pretty fast.” Penman has found this to be true in the 18 years he has trawled the streets of New York City as a photographer.

Instead of just photographing the celebrities, Penman goes out with the intention of capturing people on the streets—people taking their pet turkeys for a walk or spacemen striding down Prince Street in SoHo, which can be far more interesting than a celebrity walking with a cup of Starbucks coffee. In New York, there is always something to see: every day is different. In all this rush, it’s hard to convey in a single image what you’ve experienced during that one fleeting moment. What you’re seeing through this artistic collection of street photography is magical, and for one second, you’re able to capture that moment.

Meet New York Photographer Phil Penman

UK-born, NY-based photographer Phil Penman has documented the rapid flux of New York City's streets for over 25 years. With clients ranging from People Magazine to The Daily Telegraph, he has photographed celebrated living legends, including Jennifer Lopez and Bill Gates, and captured historical moments such as the September 11th Terrorist Attacks. Penman's distinctive style, versatility, and dedication to his craft has won him prestigious awards and exhibitions, including the Leica Fotografie international Picture Prize and distinction as one of the "52 Most Influential Street Photographers" alongside industry legends, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado.


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