Schneider 4" Landscape Control Kit w/ 4x5.65 GND 0.6 SEV (2-Stop), 4" Holder, 77mm Adapter Ring, Pouch

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Schneider Optics is pleased to offer the new 4” Filter Holder. Manufactured in partnership with Lee Filters, the 4” Filter Holder is made to hold Schneider Motion Picture and Television 4mm thick water-white Schott glass filters that are available in 4x4 and 4x5.65 sizes. The holder rotates a full 360 degrees enabling the use of Polarizers or graduated filters, and can accommodate up to two glass filters. The holder includes a 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring which can be removed from the holder with a simple pull of the brass tab located on the top of the holder to exchange for another size ring. The included 77mm Wide Angle adapter ring can also be used with conventional step rings to quickly accommodate smaller filter diameter lenses.

This kit also includes a 2-stop soft-edge graduated neutral density filter and case.

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