Steven Bollman: Almost True, 2018 - Signed

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Emeryville- based photographer Steven Bollman’s absorbing new monograph Almost True invents a visual narrative that resonates within truth, but in fact is largely manufactured fiction. This collection of images invents new realities and narratives that are not based on location, time or topic, but strangely the unrelated images weave together a tapestry of familiar stories and relations.

The photographs within the book are extracted from 34 years of photographs from 1983 to 2017. The images included were created in Cuba during Fidel Castro’s time, at religious processions in Sicily, during the 1987 elections in Haiti and also from New York, the East Bay, Sante Fe, Mississippi, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and a few additional locations. While this diverse collection of images appear seemingly unrelated, an invented narrative emerges, which offers an odd sense of clarity that could only exist within the boundaries of Bollman’s netherworld.

The epigraph is a quote by Harold Pinter from his play Old Times: “There are some things one remembers even though they may never have happened.’ Bollman explains, “The concept of Almost True is based on the idea of how we bring our own stories to the images we look at. We contrive and presume things from our own experience that may or may not be what was actually going on in the photo during the moment it was takes. I wanted to create narrative sketches in different ways that used images from different times, places, and topics and connect them through emotional or elemental links to open up other ideas. Each image is a two page spread and they flow through each group of approximately nine photos. The majority of the images were shot on film with Leica M range, Monochrom, and a variety of other film cameras.”

 Susan Burnstine and Steven Bollman.

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