Thumbs Up EP-5S - Silver



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Thumbs Up EP-5S is the first design dedicated to the FujiFilm X100 camera.

Thumbs Up EP-5S has a new ergonomic profile (hence the "EP" designation). This model is our 5th EP version, but and is intended for use on the X100 camera. The thumb rest is angled at 15 degrees, and this shape helps distribute the pressure from your thumb more uniformly. This refinement allows you to hold your camera with less gripping pressure, yet with great comfort and stability. By reducing the gripping pressure, you will reduce camera shake, making hand held images with slower shutter speeds possible.

Thumbs Up EP-5S is CNC machined from solid brass billet, painted with 2 coats of enamel and baked to maximize adhesion. A silicone rubber insert Specifically designed provides a cushion between the camera body and your Thumbs Up EP-5S.

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