Used E-Clypse Eye Cup 34mm MX for Leica M10

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This model is specifically designed for the larger viewfinder of the Leica M10.

E-Clypse MAGs enhance the rangefinder style of photography by preventing stray light from entering the eye when looking through the viewfinder. Stray light is not only a distraction but reduces the contrast essential to the photographer during composition. The other eye remains free to take in the peripheral view and activity.

In addition, high-quality multi-element, multicoated optics enlarge or reduce the viewfinder image (depending on the model). The optics housing is precision made from brass and high-grade black-anodized 6061 aluminum alloy, and is threaded to accept Leica diopter lenses. The eyecup is made of silicon rubber, which is tough, unaffected by most substances, resistant to permanent deformation, and has a very long life.

E-Clypse MAGs are attached to your camera using the viewfinder thread, in exactly the same way as the viewfinder magnifier and diopter lenses manufactured by Leica itself.

This eye cup for the Leica M10 is clean and shows no signs of excessive use or abuse.

The listing includes the original box and Leica Store Miami 30-day used warranty.


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