Used Leica Databack DB2 for R4 - Recent DAG CLA

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The Databack DB2 (manufactured 1987-1996) is a microprocessor controlled quartz camera back for projecting data on the lower right corner of the film during exposure. The imprinting intensity varies with the speed of the film in use. There are two versions available, the standard version (14216) and a special version (14230) for the R4 with a synchronizing cable. In 1991 the databack was updated and improved.

Features of the databack

  • Day, month, year in any sequence
  • Automatic calendar to 31 Dec 2099
  • Day, hour, minute
  • Any fixed number to 999999
  • Automatic numbering of exposures, in ascending or descending order

Leica product code 14230

This data back is clean and shows no signs of excessive use or abuse. A recent CLA has been performed. The work completed was to clean and replace the foam rubber strips. Overall, this camera is in great condition.

The listing includes the Databack DB2, the box, instructions, carry case and the Leica Store Miami 30-Day Used Warranty.

S/N U142300001

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