New Arte di Mano Products Coming March 2014 January 31 2014


In early March we can expect to see a few new products from Arte di Mano including the Aventiono Half Case with built-in hand grip, the Comodo leather neck strap and the EVF pouch.


Aventino Half Case - $490

Gone are the days of choosing between a hand grip or a half case. Now you can have both! The Aventino half case features a built-in front side hand grip. Unlike most half cases with built-in grips, the Aventino half case is both comfortable an sleek. It adds the perfect amount of grip without adding too much bulk to the camera. The Aventino half case will be available for both the M (Typ 240) and the M8/M9/M-E/Monochrom cameras and will be available in Minerva Black leather with white or black stitching and in Rally Volpe brown leather.


Aventino Half Case for Leica M (Typ 240) in Rally Volpe


Comodo Neck Strap - $103

"Comodo" means comfortable in Italian, and the new Comodo strap is just what its names suggests - comfortable! This strap is similar to the Classic Neck Strap in size and feel. However, in lieu of a adjustable shoulder pad is a reinforced shoulder section. Without the shoulder pad, the neck strap becomes much more flexible and compact. This is a perfect strap for anyone who likes to wrap their neck strap around their wrist while shooting! The Comodo neck strap will be available in Minerva Black with white or black stitching, Rally Volpe (brown) and Rally Bordo (Red).



EVF2 Leather Pouch - $120

The new EVF leather pouch is a perfect solution for storing your electronic viewfinder while you aren't using. This case is designed for the Leica EVF2 for the M (Typ 240) and the X2.



Extra Long Classic Neck Strap - $123

Finally, we are happy to announce that, due to popular demand, the Classic Neck Strap will be available in an extra long length. Traditionally the Classic Neck Strap measures 37 inches. The extra long classic neck strap will measure 47 inches.


Arte di Mano has earned a lot of attention this past year for their beautifully handmade leather products for the Leica M System. These new products are sure to live up to their reputation and will be quite popular. Quantities will be limited as everything is handmade in Korea by leather craftsmen, so reserve yours today. To preorder, call (305) 921-4433 or email