Arte di Mano: A True Work of Art August 03 2013

A little while ago, we set out to find the perfect half-case for the Leica M and X system. In the past we had tried several different versions from various brands and artists, however, nothing quite cut it for us. While we had come across many a nice-looking case, we always found quirks. It didn’t fit quite right. It was a little loose. It covered up an important button or two. Most times they became more of a nuisance than a benefit. Our philosophy is that if you’re going to dress up a first-class camera like a Leica, don’t cover it up with a second-rate half case. In our search, we wanted to find something outstanding; something that both complimented and protected the camera without taking away from it.

Well, we found that case.


Arte di Mano, despite the Italian name, is based out of Seoul, South Korea. Artist Sejun Kim and team use Italian leather to craft beautiful half-cases and carrying straps for the Leica M and X system. Their cases are without a doubt the most incredible ones we’ve seen to date. Honestly, we’re not sure anyone could top them. They are absolutely flawless.

We originally ordered just a few Arte di Mano half-cases to get a feel for how they fit the Leica M and X system cameras. When we first slipped an M9 into one of the half-cases, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “How did they do that?” The half-case fit the M9 like a dream, wrapping perfectly around all the buttons and dials without compromising function. The stitching was unbelievable – not a thread out of place. The leather was soft yet durable. It was hands-down the best case we’ve ever seen.

So, if you’re in the market for a new half-case or carrying strap for you M or X system camera, an Arte di Mano piece is an excellent choice. They have a couple different style and color options. Both the M and X system half cases feature a small built-in grip on the front right-hand side of the case. All the M system cases also feature a built-in tripod mount.

Sejun and his team are also happy to make custom cases. Choose the type and color of the leather, such as crocodile blue or ostrich black. Pick a stitching color to compliment your personal leather choice. Add final touches such as a removable snap-on back flap to protect the LCD. The options are endless. To place a custom order, just call or email Leica Store Miami.

The following is a break-down of the standard half cases and carrying straps available. If you have any questions

Leica “Open-Style” M Type (240) Half Case

This is the recommended half case for anyone with the new M Type (240). Having the “open” style back allows the use of a Thumbs Up or EVF. The open back case also allows for easier removal for quicker access the bottom plate, memory card and battery. The leather has been reinforced in the back with a thin strips of metal inserted between the leather in order to insure rigidness. This way the case is sure to hug your camera without being too loose. Pictured is the Leica “Open-Style” M Type (240) Half Case in Minerva Black.

Leica Standard M Type (240) Half Case

If you do not plan on using either the EVF or a Thumbs UP, this option is a better fit. The leather extends over the top portion of the camera. This offers better protection for your camera and a more snug fit. Pictured is the Leica Standard M Type (240) Half Case in Rally Volpe.




Leica M9 Half Case

This half case will fit your Lieca M8, M9, M-E or Monochrom. This case is ideal if you do not use a Thumbs Up. In place of the Thumbs Up cut out is a small built-in grip for your thumb. Pictured is the Arte di Mano M Monochrom Half Case with Thumb Pad.



Leica M9 Half Case with Thumbs Up Cut-Out

The back of this case has been cut out perfectly to accommodate a Thumbs Up by Match Technical. Between the built-in “bump” on the front of the case and the Thumbs Up, you definitely get a firm grip on your M camera. Pictured is the M8/M9/M-E Half Case with Thumbs Up Cutout in Minerva Black.

Special Edition M Monochrom Half Case

This half case is designed specifically for the M Monochrom. The traditional off-white stitching has been replaced with black stitching and the metal snaps have been “blacked out” with leather. This all-black look accents the Monochrom marvelously. Pictured is the Special Edition M Monochrom Half Case with Thumbs Up Cutout.


X2 Half Case

This half case is a fun way to add a little character and an extra grip to your X2. These cases only come in the “open” back style to allow the use of an EVF or Thumbs Up. Pictured is the Leica X2 Half Case in Rally Bordo (Red).



Classic Neck Strap

As its name alludes, this is a classic leather neck strap. They are made out of soft leather and have that “broke-in” feeling. All straps feature a comfortable shoulder pad and end guard flaps to protect the camera body from scratching. Pictured is the Classic Neck Strap in Minerva Black.


Classic Hand Strap

The hand straps are made out of the same soft leather as the Classic Neck Strap and also feature the end guard flap to protect the camera body from scratching. Pictured is the Classic Hand Strap in Rally Volpe.


Laccio Neck Strap

This is a very fashionable neck strap made of a leather style rope. It feels a little stiff at first, but once you break it in, it becomes very flexible and soft. It’s great to wrap around your wrist while shooting. The strap features an adjustable neck pad and comes with end guards to protect the camera from scratching. Pictured is the Laccio Neck Strap in Minerva Black.


Laccio Hand Strap

This is the Laccio version wrist strap. Made of the same leather rope style material, it feels very secure around your wrist. Like the Laccio Neck Strap, it features an adjustable leather pad and end guards. Pictured is the Laccio Hand Strap in Rally Bordo.