Sharon Socol: Plus One, An Outsider's Photographic Journey into the World of Fashion, 2013

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  • Plus One is an accidentally insider view of the glamorous world of fashion. Sharon Socol is a keen-eyed documentary photographer with an uncanny knack for zeroing in on the action whether she’s shooting tortoises in the Galapagos Islands or the bold-faced names of fashion backstage in Paris. Socol was plopped into the most exclusive fashion enclaves with her trusty camera and very little idea of who was whom. The results are a delightfully agenda-free peek into a world of power, glory, pomp, and circumstance." -- Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director, PAPER Magazine

  • Publisher
    Autores Editores

    Book Format
    Hardcover, 11.8 x 9.9 in.

    Publishing Date
    April 10th, 2013



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