LFI 02/2018 February/March

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  • AnaHell & Werner Amann: Flash & Bones. False colours, surrealistic body poses and a Greek island to play on, give rise to exciting experiments
  • Jakob Schnetz: Chronology of a Failure. The title does not sound very promising – but the series offers deep insight into post-Soviet states of mind
  • Lorenzo Tugnoli: Naba’a: 100 Years of Exiles. The Naba’a district in Beirut has become a home for refugees from all over the world. A visit
  • Fabio Bucciarelli: South Sudan. The birth of a State emerging from a spirit of poverty – an unsettling longterm documentary
  • Sarah Lee: Tender are the Nighthawks. Sleepless in London: a melancholic series of portraits taken between midnight and morning twilight
  • Helen Levitt: Street Life. Her work as a Street Photographer is unmistakable: a homage to a New York legend
  • F/STOP: Apo-Summicron SL 75mm | Apo-Summicron SL 90mm | Interview: Matthias Harsch

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