LFI 06/2019 August/September

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Jan C. Schlegel: Creatures of the Seven Seas. Schlegel photographed his fish market ‘catch’ in his hotel room, and transferred the creatures’ fragile beauty to rare platinum prints

Caleb Stein: Down by the Hudson. A small town somewhere in the USA: the photographer captured carefree moments – over a number of summers

Alixandra Fazzina: Yemen Contraflow. Djibouti has become a meeting point for Africans fleeing to the Arabian Peninsula and refugees fleeing from the war in Yemen

Ilse Bing: Queen of the Leica. She was one of the most impressive photographers of the 20th century, and produced a self-portrait that has made her immortal: Ilse Bing (1899–1998)

100 Digital Features: S Magazine online. Working without specifications: the Digital Features format, unique to the S Magazine website, celebrates its 100th issue

F/STOP: Leica V-Lux 5 | Leica Q2

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