S.T. Dupont for Leica 0.95 Ballpoint Pen

SKU: 799429964276   Mfg Code: 96427


No Longer Available

It is only predictable that as part of the S.T. Dupont 0.95 Collection, three pens which are a variation of the iconic S.T. Dupont Line D pens are introduced. The pens are made from matte-black Ceramium A.C.T. ™ and accentuated by a highly resilient gloss coating applied by physical vapor deposition (PVD). Ceramic A.C.T. ™ by S.T. Dupont is a revolutionary new material which is exceptionally strong, yet lightweight. Each cap features a knurled ring inspired by Leica knurling with a hand engraved ‘0.95’ logo filled in whit white lacquer. The fountain pen has a medium size nib in 14-karat gold alloy.

Leica Camera proudly introduces 0.95, a new sub-brand for high-end accessories in collaboration with the world’s best-in-class brands. 0.95 is an attitude that unites the fine art of precision engineering, quality of materials and enduring value in exclusive collections that meet the greatest demands. 

In collaboration with an extraordinary partner, it not only questions established limits, but it goes further: it redefines them. 0.95 goes far beyond simply very good. These exclusive collections will be sold exclusively at Leica Stores and Leica Boutiques worldwide. 

The first collaborative effort introduces the S.T. Dupont for 0.95 Collection, a collaboration with the renowned French brand for luxurious accessories. This collection consists of the Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Key Ring Pendant and Lighter.

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