Oberwerth Power Care Leather Preserve Wax

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Power Care Leather Preserve Wax - care, protection and impregnation in one!

With this leather wax you maintain the smooth leather of your Oberwerth bags and give it back the shine of the first hour. It protects the leather from drying out and thus maintains the natural shine and suppleness. It is extremely economical and lasts for several applications.

Oberwerth Preserve Wax consists of 100% synthetic grease, is acid-free and ha a neutral scent.

If the bag is heavily soiled, it should first be cleaned with a damp cloth. This prevents dirt from being trapped under the Preserve Wax. Here can also be carefully worked with a leather brush.



Pick up a little wax with a soft, clean cloth and rub it into the cloth itself. Then polish the leather of the bag with the greased cloth in circular motions. You may need to repolish with a clean cloth if too much wax gets on the leather.
Oberwerth Preserve Wax is best used at room temperature. At colder temperatures, it may cause unwanted smearing and marks on the leather, which would need to be repolished.

Please make sure to use Oberwerth Preserve Wax only on plain leather of your Oberwerth bag. It is not suitable for Cordura, nor for the leather of the Hydro Line!

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